Monday, July 30, 2007

Long, Slow Distance Equals Short, Fast Aging

How many different ways can I ding endurance sports, you wonder? Think of it as a public service. And it's not really me. It wasn't that many years ago that I ran seven miles a day just to chase 'fitness' and it always eluded me. I'm still recovering from the muscular imbalances and long, slow toll it took on my mechanics. Though I obviously have strong opinions, I am merely offering examples of experts that are trying to shovel away the knee-deep pile of Gu the public seems to be mired in thanks to modern media (and Cliff).

This article 'Training is no guarantee of health' that discusses the rapid aging experienced by endurance athletes is particularly interesting because it's written by Mark Sisson, a respected endurance athlete, who reformed his exercise habits to alter the course of his long-term health. This article is also very well written and explains the issue in a clear and direct way. It landed in my in-box thanks to Craig Cooper at NorthWest CrossFit.