Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I have a crush on Gary Taubes right now that's Shaun-Cassidy-sized. I'm writing his initials all over my notebooks with little hearts. Ok, I don't carry notebooks anymore but I doodle it in the memo of my checks. The electric company doesn't seem to care. Taubes had me at '. . . Fat Lie?' but now he's just romancing me with 'Good Calorie: Bad Calorie'. This article 'The Scientist and the Stairmaster,' ran recently in NY Magazine and Craig Cooper was kind enough to forward it. Here's an excerpt:

Just last month, the American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine published joint guidelines for physical activity and health. They suggested that 30 minutes of moderate physical activity five days a week is necessary to “promote and maintain health.” What they didn’t say, though, was that more physical activity will lead us to lose weight. Indeed, the best they could say about the relationship between fat and exercise was this: “It is reasonable to assume that persons with relatively high daily energy expenditures would be less likely to gain weight over time, compared with those who have low energy expenditures. So far, data to support this hypothesis are not particularly compelling.” In other words, despite half a century of efforts to prove otherwise, scientists still can’t say that exercise will help keep off the pounds.

I urge you to read the article. It's not long before he'll get the whole 'Atkins' treatment by the media and it will be hard to read his stuff without someone yelling 'quack'. Most likely, that someone will be the AHA who will pray he succumbs to a heart attack. Why not? He seems to be giving the establishment one. No worries. It's unlikely he'll have a coronary given that he's not following any of their guidelines.