Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cheese Enzymocide

I've more than once mentioned that unpasteurized dairy products are a good source of healthy enzymes that may keep your tendons healthy. I wish I could give you firsthand evidence but, since my one and only experiment with goats milk made my stomach expand to three times its normal size, I elected to abort further study. Lactose intolerance or demonic possession - wasn't pretty either way.

Since I mentioned it, I'm sure you've been yearning to have an answer to the question, "what about unpasteurized cheese?" Honestly, my nights were sleepless and I've saved you from having to make that crazy dash to the cheese counter. I did it for you.

It turns out that making cheese requires the heating of milk to a temperature above that of pasteurization. Since it's the heat that kills enzymes, it's safe to assume that the process of making cheese causes a similar enzymocide. Next question: why pay extra for unpasteurized cheese unless it has something to do with flavor? Feel free to pester the cheese counter folks with that one. My job is done on the subject but say hello to the cheddar for me . . . sigh.