Friday, June 29, 2007

Strong People

Last year, I went to watch a Strong Man competition and ended up entering the event - kind of. It was an ad hoc effort that was a result of peer pressure.
Seriously, can't we steal street signs or streak through stadiums? And how 'bout a bunch of us girls get together for a spa day rather than peel atlas stones off the ground and make straining faces in public? I grew up in New England and the only time anybody yelled, "Hey, let's go drag a bus!" was when they could blow an .08 and someone wise would usually stop them.
Now, here it comes again, the Strong Man competition and if I was planning to go with some nonchalant, "Oh, that was this weekend?", my friends at CrossFit Eastside posted the photo and a reminder for all those entering.
Confronting. Thanks.
As much as I don't like the 'visibility' of it, I can't keep encouraging my clients to deal with their demons, If I'm not willing to. So fine, I'll pick up the heavy stuff which isn't nearly as heavy as the conversation I'll keep having in my head up to and throughout the event. It's part of the game, really. And I'll have all my friends around me carrying heavy stuff including me when I need it. They always do.
Yet again, the question is, 'What stops you?' and it's worth taking the time to answer every time it comes up. Because if it shows up here when the task is as simple as picking up the heavy things, you have to wonder where else this thread weaves through your life.
The other lesson, here: If you don't have friends like mine, find them. The support you get from the people around you makes all the difference. I'm sorrounded by strong men and women who cheer me on and push me. If I faultered, failed or gave into my fears, there would be a team of people tugging me from the front and nudging me from the back. If the weight won't budge, neither will my supporters. They teach me how to be a better competitor and a better coach.