Friday, January 5, 2007

Flunking P.E.

I've been coached by Mike Burgener on a couple of occasions and he's the sweetest man to ever scare me. He smiles and greets you warmly but when he says "SNATCH!", you just do it with an enthusiasm that won't get you singled out. He's an amazing O-lifting coach and many of you have started your own o-lifting endeavors with his warm-up drill. It's the smartest and simplest way to teach something that could easily be complicated.

I was browsing Burgener's website - Mike's Gym - for ideas when I came across this workout with his commentary. It should be clear now why he scares me and why it wouldn't be a good idea to be singled out:

high school or any school or anybody workout
24 May 2005

This workout is performed by my h.s. students when they get a non suit during pe class. in order to make up the class, they have to perform this workout, OR THEIR grades go down 1 letter grade!!

2 hand kb* sqt pull x 20 reps
1 hand kb sqt pull x 10 + 10 reps each arm
2 hand kb swing x 20 reps
1 hand kb swing x 10 + 10 reps each arm
1 hand kb snatch 10+10 each arm

That is 100 reps per round, no resting!!! perform 5 rounds!!!

*KB stands for kettlebell. We don't have them in PRO club but you can substitute a dumbbell. I believe in this case Burgener recommended roughly 24 pounds for women and 35 pounds for men.

By the way, this might be a good time to mention that this is an 'at your own risk' sorta moment. You're all very bright people, please try to justify my belief in that by not doing anything stupid with this workout. In some cases, 'stupid' might mean trying to do this workout at all.