Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stealth abs

Long after Poe purloined a letter, Dan Brown was finding clues in plain sight all over 'Da Vinci Code.' It's a common literary theme. It's also the secret of training secrets. Underneath the glossy photos of etched abs, behind the complex complexes and to the right of gimmicky apparatus are a few truths we don't want you to know for fear you won't need us anymore. Every now and again you'll catch a fleeting glimpse and here's one of them from November of 2005. I remembered this and resurrected it for you:

11/01/05 05:43 AM
Cardio & Abs
by Chad Waterbury
"I despise cardio and ab training. Now, that doesn't mean a program shouldn't include either, but it's not necessary to run for 45 minutes or perform a zillion crunches. To perform either is an act of futility if you're trying to get lean. Long-duration cardio will eat up muscle and crunches are little more than a waste of time. You want a California beach midsection? Stick to good nutrition and compound exercises. Squats, deads, chins, and overhead presses will provide more than enough stimulus to develop the abs."

Whenever clients say "I want to tone my abs," I give them a sort of "yep, sure . . ." and then strenuously ignore them. Like magic, somewhere in the training a six pack starts to appear. Now you know the secret. Shhhh, don't tell.

blogger's note: I heard heads tap-tap-tapping onto keyboards with folks reacting to the shock and guffaw of Poe and Brown occupying not only the same sentence but the same heading of 'literature'. My apologies. I shall make that mistake nevermore.