Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pick a Pistol Progression

If some coach in a back room sat up at night analyzing tape, he/she would soon find the holes in my game. It would be such a waste of time since I'll readily cough up the information - I hate to see someone miss out on shut-eye. For starters, I can't do a pistol. I'd say it's not for lack of trying but actually it is. I just don't remember to practice the Pistol aka one-legged squat and really that's just silly. It's a shame because it's such a handy little tool if you're putting together a list of exercises that are effective and equipment free.

I was sifting through the CrossFit forum when I came across a link that offers several different progressions to the perfect pistol. It's worth working on and, given the fact that I've already admitted that I haven't put a particular effort into this so far, it won't surprise you to know I haven't tried most of these.

The Challenge

Pick a Pistol Progression
Work 3-5 reps per leg a day

Pistols at Dawn - wouldn't it be funny if you beat me to it? I suppose I'll have to get on that.