Friday, February 2, 2007

Superbowl Party

It's funny that the 30-90 second short intervals that Angelo Tremblay found produces greater fat loss fits within the framework of a Superbowl commercial. It's also funny how many fewer nachos you'd eat if you knew you'd be doing burpees during the next commercial break.

The Challenge

Given that a Superbowl commercial costs millions of dollars, most advertisers are going to settle for a 30 second spot. It was a considerate gesture on their part to create a perfect framework for GPP intervals. On Sunday, you will use the commercial breaks to run through the following list:

Jumping Jacks
Side Lunges (unweighted)
Mountain Climbers
Step Lunges
Shuffle Splits

Rotate through the list and record your numbers. Try to maintain those numbers throughout the game. If you happen across a 60 minute spot, lucky you.

Halftime show: Tabata This!

It'll will be a big hit with your guests. As you know, it's 20 seconds of work and ten seconds of rest for eight sets. You're score is the lowest number of reps in the eight sets of work. Take one minute of rest before you go on to the next exercise. Enjoy!