Saturday, December 30, 2006

'Is there a problem officer?'

If you did the workouts from the last post, you faced childhood angst head on and rewrote history by blowing the doors off of the Presidential Fitness Test (the Govenator would be proud). If you still have issues, you can always exorcise (or exercise) a few demons by joining PRO's dodgeball league.

With that little bit of psychological housekeeping done for the New Year, let's face the 'This isn't what I wanted to be when I grew up' crisis that's often labeled 'How did I get here?!' Did you dream about being a Police Officer, a Firefighter, a Soldier? Let's at least start 2007 with the knowledge that you could still make that happen by passing the physical requirements.

The following workouts are inspired by the physical testing for the Police Department. 30 points is the minimum score you can receive in each event and still pass while 50 points is the highest.

300 Meter Run ( 0.18641135767120018 miles if that conversion is helpful)
71 Seconds = 30 points
56 Seconds = 50 points

Push-ups in 1 Minute
21 reps = 30 points
35 reps = 50 points

Sit-ups in 1 Minute
30 reps = 30 points
38 reps = 50 points

1.5 Mile Run
14:31 = 30 points
13:35 = 50 points

So, sure, you could just meet these requirements, but that's just too straight forward. How about . . . .?

W/O 1 - Krispy Kreme Kop
(meeting minimum requirements)
Run 300 Meters
21 Push-ups
30 Sit-ups
Can you finish 3 Rounds in under 11 Minutes?

Run 300 Meters
Max Push-ups
4 Rounds - record total Push-ups

Run 800 Meters (in under 2:43)
38 Sit-ups
35 Push-ups
Rest 3 Minutes
5 Rounds