Friday, December 22, 2006

Not for the faint of heart

I sent the following workouts to one of my traveling 'Firebreathers' (to use a popular CFE term). For folks familiar with these exercises, feel free to try a couple of these workouts and let me know how it goes. We're still not at full power at PRO, but I'm putting together an article on inflammation which I'll post in the next couple of days.

Row 500m
25 Manmakers @25#
3 Rounds

15 Pull-ups
15 of three front squats with one Thruster @85#
40 Swings @35#
3 Rounds

15 Manmaker's with push-up @25#
25 Reverse Hypers
4 Rounds

20 Push Press with bar
10 Pull-ups 5 Rounds (This came from CFE)

60 Swings @40#
30 Reverse Hypers
60 Push-ups
3 Rounds

Uni Dumbbell Thruster @40#
20 Knees to Chest per leg
4 Rounds