Friday, December 8, 2006

Roped in

I went to see my friend Taha, an aerialist and an all-around entrepreneur of athleticism, perform in a Holiday show. You just never know what the man will do next. I was awed. I may wear the rope-burn scar on my left ankle as some sort of climbing merit badge but my skills are rudimentary. I have the raw run-for-you-life skill in rope climbing but there's nothing pretty about my effort. For those of you ready to develop outstanding climbing skills to escape the mundane and run off to join the circus, I offer the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts The rest of you can just do the following:

The Challenge

For my advanced clients:
30 Second L-holds on Paralellettes or Traveling Ls for 25 feet
See-saw pull-ups (PRO loves when I shred their towels) / Max Set
Handstand Push-ups / Max Set
(repeat See-Saws and HSPUs for three rounds)
30 Second L-holds

For my soon-to-be advanced clients:
25 Assisted Ls using paralellettes and rubber band - 2-Second Holds
Knees to Elbows - NO SWING / Max Set
Handstand Holds - Max Duration or 10 attempts to Kick-up
(repeat K to E and Handstand Holds for three rounds)
25 Assisted Ls as above

For those of you who just exclaimed "are you freakin' kidding!"
15 Jump to Support and Hold, bring your knees to your chest
Waiter's walk with whatever weight you can muster - 50 Feet or a gym length and back
3 Rounds

Many of you are familiar with these exercises, but if you're not or you need a refresher, please call me and I'll talk you through it.